Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Could Your Car Someday Run On The Contents of Your Toilet? It's Posibble!

Researchers at Heriot-Watt University in the United Kingdom have figured out how to use urea as a fuel for low-cost fuel cells. Fuel cells are a great form of alternative energy for all kinds of things — cars, submarines, remote power stations — but concern over the cost of hydrogen and its explosive nature keep the technology from being widely used. Using urea — which is present in all animal and human urine — instead of hydrogen could be a low cost alternative to these super low-emission systems.
Dr. Shanwen Tao and his research partner Dr. Rong Lan have developed a prototype, the Carbamide Power System, and have just been awarded a grant of $200,000 by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council to continue their research.
Dr. Tao believes that long term potential applications of the Carbamide Power System include in submarines, among the military, power generation in an isolated or remote areas such as deserts or on islands. As the process breaks the Urea or urine into water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, it could also be used to reprocess waste water, with electricity as a by product.
Dr. Tao said, “Growing up in rural eastern China I was aware of the use of urea as an agricultural fertiliser. When I became a chemist and was looking at fuel cell development I thought of using it in the process.
If this renewable material can be used as a commercially viable and environmentally friendly energy source then many people around the world will benefit
Tao and Lan’s fuel cell uses a much less expensive membrane and the components are totally harmless — urea is used as fuel instead of highly flammable and expensive hydrogen. Even better, this fuel is totally renewable — just keep drinking those 8 glasses of water a day.

Daus : huh? cool right? if this happen, we no longer need to use petroleum as fuel..we just need to pee in a plastic and put it in our car fuel tank.LOL!..
info dicopy terus tanpa diedit dan diolah kerana saya khuatir tersalah tafsir dari : morichesdaily


menusukhati said... Reply

aa...kan bagus macam tu..beli seliter petrol tambah sikit kencing anak,kita boleh bawa sampai 100km.hahaha!

hans said... Reply

jimat lah kalau cam nih

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Daus Ramli said... Reply

@ menusuk hati : ahaha! baik letak air kencing je tros..x payah nak campor2..hehe

Daus Ramli said... Reply

@ hans : betol3

oRkEd PuTiH said... Reply


asal boleh jerk kn..
x tercapai akalku...huhu=)

starsyeea said... Reply

erkkk...betul ek? dh bole try ek? okeh! ;p

Daus Ramli said... Reply

@ starsyeea : masih dalam kajian :)..tapi kalau nak try pon no hal, kalau jadi apa-apa..jangan salahkan sesapa..ok?hehe

good_boy said... Reply

nice one...huhu

Anonymous said... Reply

hahaha..eww at the same time..ade tak diorg buat kajian selain bnde yg xnajis? hehee

yats said... Reply

geli la nak letak pun..mau muntah ijooo..huhuh

Daus Ramli said... Reply

@ good boy : gyahaha..geli arh nak guna air kencing!

Daus Ramli said... Reply

@ missyamissyou : ada..x silap minyak jagong kot

Daus Ramli said... Reply

@ yats : bhahaah..muntah keluar sayur XD

mira_nas said... Reply

uwekk!!! geli lah!

Aku Ibu Muda said... Reply


Dua tahun yang lalu...mama bertarung nyawa

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